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  1. Right click My Computer and select Map Network Drive.
  2. Enter "\\storage01\username in the folder box, where username is your Pipeline username.
  3. Click on connect using a different username.
  4. Fill in the "Username:" box with "campus\username , and the password box with your Campus Domain password.
  5. Click on OK and then click on Finish to complete mapping the network drive.


You can map a network drive to Storage01 using the smbmount utility. You can run the following command as a regular user:

$ smbmount //storage01/share /path/to/mount -o username=myusername,workgroup=campus,uid=mylocalusername,
  • //storage01/share is the mount location. Replacing 'share' with your domain username will map the network drive to your personal storage space. Please read the article on Storage01 for other possible locations.
  • /path/to/mount is the location you want to map/mount the network drive at. You can map it to a mountpoint in your current directory such as 'mnt' by not using any slashes (full pathname is also fine)
  • username=myusername - myusername should be replaced with your domain username.
  • workgroup=campus - this specifies the domain to check your username and password against, leave it like this
  • uid=mylocalusername - mylocalusername should be the name of your linux user (whoami will tell you this if you are unsure). This is the user who owns the directory/mountpoint you are mounting/mapping to.
  • - this specifies an "ip address" (a FQDN in this case) to locate Storage01 by. Leave as-is.

When you run this command, you should see a prompt similar to:


Type in your domain password and press enter. You will now be able to access the file stored on storage01 at the mountpoint you specified.

Mac OS

Drivemap mac step1.png
  • Select Finder
  • Open the Go menu and select Connect to Server
Drivemap mac step2.png
  • Type smb://storage01/share into the Server Address field, where share is the drive on storage01 that you are trying to connect to.
    • Clicking the + button will add the share to your favorite servers list.
  • Click Connect to connect to storage01. The connection will then prompt you for your credentials.
Drivemap mac step3.png
  • Type CAMPUS into the Workgroup or Domain field.
  • Type your 'Pipeline Username into the Name field.
  • Type your Campus Domain Password into the Password field.
  • After clicking OK you can access the mapped drive from your desktop, as seen below.
Drivemap mac finished.png
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