Mapping A Network Drive

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= Mac OS =
= Mac OS =

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Mac OS

Drivemap mac step1.png
  • Select Finder
  • Open the Go menu and select Connect to Server
Drivemap mac step2.png
  • Type smb://storage01/share into the Server Address field, where share is the drive on storage01 that you are trying to connect to.
    • Clicking the + button will add the share to your favorite servers list for easy access in the future.
  • Click Connect to connect to storage01. The connection will then prompt you for your credentials.
Drivemap mac step3.png
  • Type CAMPUS into the Workgroup or Domain field.
  • Type your Pipeline Username into the Name field.
  • Type your Campus Domain Password into the Password field.
  • After clicking OK you can access the mapped drive from your desktop, as seen below.
Drivemap mac finished.png
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