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The charge to print on the computer lab printers is $0.04 per black and white page, $0.40 per color page. If you are printing dual sided (duplexing), the charge is $0.03 for black and white, $0.38 for color, with a minimum of two pages.

Retrieving Your Document From the Print Queue

1. Hit the Print Release button on the printer. The printer has a touch screen.

2. Swipe your Stevens ID in the card reader when prompted.

3. Scroll through the print document list until you find your document.

4. Touch the "Password" box. This will bring up a QWERTY keyboard. Enter the password you selected for your job, then hit OK.

5. Hit the "Print" button. Your document will print and the charge will automatically be deducted to your duckbills. If you have insufficient funds, you will not be able to print.

To delete your document, follow the same instructions above, hitting the "Delete" button instead of the print button.

Once you have printed your document, be sure to log out so other will not print from your account. To do this, hit the button in the top left corner that looks like a house. Then hit the "Sign Out" button.

Printing Options

Printing in Color and Black and White

The MFP Printers PRINT IN COLOR BY DEFAULT. To change this option, hit properties button:


Then, go to the color tab:

MFP Color Tab.jpg

To print in black and white, make sure the "Print in Grayscale" checkbox is checked. To print in color, this needs to be unchecked.

Printing On Both Sides (Duplexing)

To duplex your document, hit the properties button again. On the Printing Shortcuts tab, click the box titled "Print on both sides."

MFP Duplex.jpg

Select "Yes, flip over." Your document will now print on both sides of the paper.


If you have any questions about the printers in the PC Lab, e-mail or call the Help Desk at x5500.

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