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Please make sure to log into the specific site of the section in which the uploaded file is to be linked.

“Section” refers to the section in the Stevens Webpage. Some sections include sit, cal, sse, howe, news etc.

The login procedure is the same as the one described in the section titled Access.

Note: The file which is to be linked must be already uploaded on the Drupal server. Also the file should be present in the same section of the Drupal server. For e.g., the file Stevens.jpeg uploaded in the sit section could only be linked in the pages/events/news story under sit.

To link an uploaded Media with a text or an image, please follows the steps below:


Step 1 - Click My Workbench

Click on “My Workbench” from the top black bar or “Create Content” from the top grey bar to open a popup as shown in the image.

Step 2 - Switch to File List tab

Select the “File List” tab displayed on the top of the popup window.

The “File List” displays a search result(s) with the media upload sorted by the latest uploaded time for the media.

Step 3 - Search Media

If you do not see your uploaded media in the search results table, Enter your file name in the text field “File name” as shown in the image.

Step 4 - Click Apply

Click “Apply” button to see the search results(s).

Step 5 - Copy the file path

If the file is found, the search table will be shown with the populated result(s) as shown. Copy the relative path (i.e. the URL of the path after of the media.

Step 6 - Navigate to the page to upload the media

Go to the page/event/news story where you want to link this media. Select the text/image which will refer to this media.

Step 7 - Open the Link window

Click the “Link” button that is located at the top formatting toolbar to display the Link popup windows. Alternatively, you could do this via the Ctrl + L key in Windows and Command + L key in Mac.

The Link popup is displayed.

Step 8 - Paste the Media URL

Paste the URL/path copied in Step 5 in the Link popup field titled URL.

Step 9 - Click OK

Click OK. After the link is created, the text color turns Blue.

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