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LightScribe is a process where specially made recordable CD and DVD media can be labeled using a LightScribe DVD recorder. Currently LightScribe is only monochromatic, and labels fade over time. LightScribe was invented by HP and has been licensed to several other companies such as BenQ.

The class of 2011 laptops are equipped with Lightscribe as well as Nero 7. Directions to use Lightscribe with Nero are as follows:

Download the Required Software

You must first download the Lightscribe Host Software from Nero's site. The direct download link is HERE. You must then run this file and install it.

Run Nero Cover Designer

After installation is completed you can run the "Nero Cover Designer" and under new label there will be an option for Lightscribe. Just select it and design your own custom CD cover!

Note: You must use a special Lightscribe disc in order for this to work. Lightscribe will not work on regular blank CD/DVD.

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