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{{Visual guide|=UniprintLib.jpg}}
{{Visual guide|=UniprintLib.jpg}}
Here, double click on the file '''LIBMFPSQ.exe'''.
Here, double click on the file '''LibCanon_for_W2K.exe'''.
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{{Visual guide|=LibraryMFP.jpg}}
{{Visual guide|=LibraryMFP.jpg}}
===Step 2 - Installing===
===Step 2 - Installing===

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Installation and Printing Instructions

These instructions will guide you through the installation and use of the MFP printer in the Library.

Step 1 - The Installation File

The drivers and installation file for the MFP printer can be found on Storage01. The path to the file on \\storage01\public is uniprint\Libary MFP.

Here, double click on the file LibCanon_for_W2K.exe.

Step 2 - Installing

Click Install to begin.

This installation will install both the printer and the drivers for it, so your machine will automatically be able to find it over the network.

Click the finish button once the installation has finished. The MFP printer should now be ready for use.

Step 3 - Printing

When printing your document, make sure "Library Canon Spool Queue" is selected as the printer.

When you click ok, you will be prompted by a window asking for your Stevens username. Enter your myStevens username and a password for the print job. This does NOT have to be the same as your myStevens password.

Hit print. Your job will then be sent to the MFP printer. For printing options and pricing, see the printing options and pricing page.


If you encounter problems during installation, try reinstalling the printer. If you have any problems or questions, sent an email to the Helpdesk at or call us at x5500.

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