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Who's Eligible?

All currently registered Stevens students, faculty, and staff are eligible for access to Library subscription databases. Your Stevens Pipeline username and password are required for authentication to access them from off campus. Instructions to assist you with accessing the databases from off campus are below.

There are three ways to access the Library Databases

Accessing Library Databases Using Proxies

The recommended way to access Library databases (through your regular Internet Service Provider) requires validation using your Pipeline username and password. (You will use your Pipeline username and password to connect to the Stevens VPN. Use of the Stevens VPN is required since your ISP is not directly part of Stevens’ campus network. By using the VPN your remote network connection will appear to be from a Stevens network address. Your computer must appear to have a Stevens network address to access proprietary, commercial databases. To connect from home using your regular Internet Service Provider, specific browser settings are required. Configure your web browser with the settings and steps listed below.

Configure VPN

Please visit the VPN pages to configure your computer to use the VPN. Once you have configured the VPN, please make the following changes to network settings via Internet Explorer: * The Stevens proxy must be used for internet access through the VPN. This setting is located under Tools, Internet Options.


Select the Connections tab.

Next, select the Stevens VPN connection from the list.

Click Settings, and make sure Use a proxy server for this connection is selected.

The proxy server's address is and the port is 8080.

Also, select Bypass proxy server for local addresses.

You may click OK until you have exited the Internet Options menus.

Please ensure the following two settings are configured in Internet Explorer

  • Automatic login in Intranet zone only must be selected. This setting is located under Tools, Internet Options. Then select Security. Next, select the Custom level button. Scroll to the bottom of the list, and make sure Automatic login in Intranet zone only is selected.
  • Internet Explorer HTTP 1.1 settings must be unchecked. These settings can be found under Tools, Internet Options and finally pick the Advanced tab. Scroll down until you see HTTP 1.1 settings. Make sure the boxes are not selected. If they are selected, remove the checks in the checkboxes next to the HTTP 1.1 settings.

Go to the Library’s web page.

Connect to the VPN, and go to the database section of the library's website, Once there, you should be able to gain access to any of the databases simply by clicking on the link in the list.

If you need assistance using the Library databases once you have gained access, please contact an Information Services Librarian. Information Technology's Help Desk staff does not provide assistance with searching library databases.


Are you entering the correct password?

Make sure you enter the proxy server username and password at the Library website and NOT your Pipeline email username and password.

Do you know your Pipeline email username and password?

If you have never logged in to Pipeline, you must do so and change your initial password first to get the Proxy user id and password.

Are you trying to connect from your office with a corporate firewall?

Corporate sites which maintain firewalls or proxy servers will not allow access to the Stevens proxy server. It is recommended that you use your own ISP from home to gain access to the Library databases.

Does your ISP require that you use their proxy settings?

Sometimes an Internet Service Provider has set up proxy settings. Ask your ISP if the settings are optional. If they are not optional, then you will not be able to connect to the Library databases.

Are you using a cable modem?

Sometimes access through a cable modem precludes the use of a proxy server.

Are you using Firefox or IE?

There have been inconsistencies with proxy server access using Internet Explorer, particularly IE 6.0. Therefore, it is recommended that you try using Firefox. If you do not have Firefox on your computer, you can download it for free from


If you have reviewed all of the above and still cannot connect, please notify an Information Technology consultant at (201)-216-5500 or and include the following information in your e-mail or telehone message:

  1. Macintosh computer or Windows PC
  2. Operating system and version number
  3. Web browser and version
  4. Name of your Internet Service Provider

If nothing else works, the Help Desk staff may ask you to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to Stevens. VPN connections are encrypted. Encryption will reduce speed of access and database searching. Use of VPN is recommended only as a last resort.


Questions about accessing databases:

What do I have access to on the Library website from off campus?

The Library website is accessible from around the world. You can access everything within the website from off campus except for subscription-based research databases and e-journals. To access restricted databases, you must prove that you are a valid member of the Stevens community. Follow the directions in Accessing Databases.

How do I connect to databases & e-journals if I have my own Internet Service Provider?

You can connect using your own service provider by simply reconfiguring your browser to point to the campus proxy server and entering the proxy login information when prompted. You must have a Pipeline email account to obtain the login information for the proxy server. Detailed directions are available in the section Accessing Databases

How do I connect using my phone line?

You can dial-up to a 56k modem by following the instructions at Library Databases Over Stevens Dialup.

What is the proxy server?

The proxy server is a computer that authenticates you as a valid member of the Stevens community. Once authenticated, it assigns you an IP address that allows you to gain access to restricted services. All of the Library subscription-based databases require that users have a Stevens IP address. To obtain a Stevens IP address from off campus, you must connect to the proxy server, at which point you will be authenticated and assigned a Stevens IP.

What's the difference between my email password and username and the proxy login information?

Your email login information is completely separate from the proxy login information. However, you need your Pipeline email account username and password to obtain the proxy username and password. Please follow these instructions to obtain the proxy username and password.

What web browser should I use?

Information Technology maintains the proxy server and currently recommends using Firefox as your browser to connect from off campus.

What do I do if I can't connect?

If you cannot connect, the first thing you should do is read through the Troubleshooting section in Accessing Databases. You may simply be entering the wrong password. If you still cannot connect, please contact the Consultants at 201-216-5500 or for more assistance and to report your problem.

Can I use AOL to connect from off campus?

You can use AOL as your ISP to connect to the Library databases from off campus; however, you must launch Firefox or IE and reconfigure to point to the proxy server as explained in Accessing Databases.

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