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Acquiring Labview 2012

The media required to install Labview 2012 can be found on storage01. Please download the required files to a local computer by mapping a network drive before starting installation.
  • Drive: \\storage01\ms
  • Folder: Labview Spring 2013
NOTE: The ms share is only accessible to staff/faculty and undergraduate students.


This software is for use only by undergraduate students and faculty teaching the undergraduate courses who require LabView for their course work. Labview uses our license server and you must be connected to either the campus network or the VPN server to access it.

Installing Labview

1. Open the Labview Spring 2013 folder located on \\storage01\ms - see mapping a network drive

2. Open the folder disc 1 then double click the file setup.exe to open.

3. Press Next.

4. Enable all the components in the list to be installed EXCEPT the foreign language packs and Report Generation Toolkit, Database Connectivity Toolkit, Datafinder Toolkit and Multicore Analysis and Sparse Matrix Toolkit. Then press Next to proceed.

5. Uncheck Search then press Next to proceed.

6. Leave the serial number blank. Press Next to proceed.

7. Leave the default installation folder in place unless you need to install to a specific folder or drive on your computer. Press Next to proceed.

8. Again leave the default installation folders in place unless you need to install to a specific folder or drive on your computer. Press Next to proceed.

9. Check I accept the above License Agreements. Then press Next to proceed.

10. Again check I accept the above License Agreements. Then press Next to proceed.

11. Make sure Always trust software from... is checked. Then press Next to proceed.

12. Press Next to proceed.

13. The installer will alert you that disc 2 is required. Press the ... button to browse the installation folder.

14. Browse to and select the disc 2 folder. Press the Select button to continue. You will also be prompted for disc 3, disc 4 and Device Drivers. Again browse to and select the requested "disc" from the installation folder to continue the installation.

15. Press Next to proceed.

16. Press Next to proceed.

17. Check I accept the License Agreement then press Next to proceed.

18. Press Next to proceed.

19. Press Next to proceed.

20. Press Next to proceed.

21. Press Next to proceed.

22. You can choose to participate in the customer improvement program. Press Ok to proceed. The installation is complete. Though the product still needs to configured with the Stevens license server (see the next section of this article). Your computer may need to restart at this point.

Configuring the Labview License Server

Step 1- Opening NI License Manager

  • On your Computer, hit the Start button in the bottom left.
  • Select All Programs and click on National Instruments.
  • Select NI License Manager.

Step 2- NI License Manager Preferences

  • In the NI License Manager window select the Options tab in the top left and then select Preferences.

Step 3- Adding the Server

  • A Preferences window should have appeared.
  • Check off the box next to Use Network License Servers.
  • In the blank text box enter the following lm1server.
  • Select OK.

Using the Program from Off Campus

To use Labview from off campus you must be connected to the campus network via VPN. Please see our instructions on accessing VPN via Windows.

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