Installing Shell Scripts

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Notes and Requirements

  • .sh is the extension of a shell script. you use it for installing with shell scripts, or running commands.
  • There are multiple methods to run and install using shell scripts. This is just one way!
  • This tutorial is done for Ubuntu. A slight variation should be used for other Linux distributions if these instructions don't work.
  • You must be using a Linux machine and must have the shell script file (with extension .sh) already downloaded.


  • Change the directory to the one that the shell script file is currently in:
$ cd /Directory_Name

(replace Directory_Name with the name of the directory where the file is stored)

  • Open the terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and type the following commands:
$ chmod +x
$ ./

(replace file_name with the name of the file that you would like to install)

  • Follow the instructions that will be given to you for installation and you are done!
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