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(Step 1 - Export Contacts from MyMail)
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==Step 1 - Export Contacts from MyMail==
==Step 1 - Export Contacts from myMail==
*Log in to myMail
*Log in to myMail
*Click on Address Book
*Click on Address Book

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These are the steps necessary to import contacts from myMail into Google at Stevens


Step 1 - Export Contacts from myMail

  • Log in to myMail
  • Click on Address Book
  • Select the Download Contacts Button and note the location the .vcf file is saved to

Step 2 - Import Contacts into Google at Stevens

  • Log in to Google at Stevens
  • Select Contacts
  • Click Import Contacts
  • Click choose file and select the .vcf file downloaded in Step 1
  • Click Import
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