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These are the steps necessary to import Go Calendar Events from Google Go into Google at Stevens.

Please Note: Steps 3 and 4 will vary slightly depending on your individual configuration, specifically your choice of web browser and ZIP extraction utility.


  • This tutorial is defaulted for importing your PERSONAL CALENDAR. Extra details are given during certain steps for importing MULTIPLE CALENDARS.

1. In order to export your calendar from your account, please log into your Stevens Go Calendar. After logging in, go to the upper right hand corner and click on the gear symbols and go into Calendar settings.

2. In Calendar settings, select the Calendars Tab, and click on Export Calendars.

3. After clicking on Export Calendars, your browser may ask you to download your Calendar. Please select Save File and then click OK. This will download a zip file that contains your exported calendar.

4. After downloading the exported calendar, find the file in your browser's download location; this may be a Download folder, the Desktop, etc. Right click on the file's icon and select Extract here or similar. Continue through the extraction process.

5. Now that you have successfully extracted the exported calendar file from your account, please log into your new Google calendar by clicking on the Calendar icon under Google at Stevens in myStevens.

6. After successfully logging in, you should see a Google Calendar for your account instead of the old In this window, go to the upper right hand corner, click on the gear symbol, and go into Calendar settings just as before.

7. In Calendar settings, click on the Calendars tab near the top left, then click Import Calendars, and then click Browse. (**If you are importing MULTIPLE CALENDARS, you need to create empty calendars for each calendar you will be importing. Then follow the aforementioned step.)

8. After browsing to the calendar file location, select the file and click Open. (**For MULTIPLE CALENDARS you need to import each calendar seperately, and therefore need to upload each calendar file one at a time, into the respective folder.)

9. After clicking open, please click on Import to import your calendar. After clicking import, you have successfully imported your calendar into your new Google account.

10. When you click on the Calendar link on to top right, you will be able to view your calendar.

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