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These are the steps necessary to set up your iPhone or iPod Touch for use with a Pipeline email account via the IMAP protocol.


Step 1 - Open Settings

On your iPhone home screen, click on the icon that says Settings


Step 2 - Choose Mail

Touch where it says Mail, Contacts, Calendars


Step 3 - Add Account

Touch the option to Add Account...


Then choose Other


Step 4 - Configure Settings

Enter your name in the Name field

Enter your username@stevens.edu in the Username field

Enter the password for this account next to where it says Password

Press Save


Choose IMAP for the account type

Use nexus.stevens.edu for the Host Name for both the incoming and outgoing server


Step 5 - Configure SMTP

Configure Outgoing Server

Press the SMTP button

Iphone imap 7.jpg

Select Outgoing Server

Press the button labeled nexus.stevens.edu

Iphone imap 8.jpg

Configure Settings

Please configure the phone to match the settings below.

  • Use SSL: ON
  • Server Port: 587

Iphone imap 9.jpg

Press the back arrow labeled SMTP. Then press Save and your email is configured!

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