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What URL to use for streaming media depends in part on what format streaming media you are using.

Real Media

If you are using Real Media (.rm) files, you can write URLs one of two ways, either with http, using the ramgen function, or rtsp, writing the URL directly.

Let us say that your content directory is called "MyDirectory" and your media file is "video1.rm". In that case, the streaming URL could be written as

or as an rtsp link


Note that you only use the ramgen function on http URLs, not on rtsp ones.

Both of these will do the same thing. The http URL just adds a step where the browser is told where to look for rtsp content.

Windows Media

This works very similar to Real Media, but with two important changes.

In this example, let us say your content directory is "MyDirectory" and your media file is "video1.wmv". Your stream URL can be written either with the aid of asxgen as

or directly as


Other Formats

If you are streaming mp3 audio files, or mpeg or mp4 video, you should write an rtsp URL directly, as so:


For more information, please consult the Helix Server Guide at

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