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Stevens Institute of Technology has a printing system called Uniprint, developed by Pharos Systems. It works with the Stevens Campus Card system for accounting and authentication. Use of this system requires that students to have a valid Stevens Identification Card to obtain their printouts. Your Stevens Identification Card provides a convenient alternative to cash. Activation is free, plus there are no fees or dues. In order to use your Stevens Identification Card with Uniprint, all you have to do is register your Stevens Identification card, deposit money into your Campus Card account, then use your card to pay for your printouts, as needed.

Using the Stevens Identification Card

  • You automatically have an account if you have a valid Stevens Identification Card. No account sign up is required.
  • No membership fees or service charges are required.
  • You can add value to your account using cash or with a Visa and MasterCard credit card.
  • Safe - If you accidentally lose your Campus Identification card, REPORT IT AS LOST (see below). Your money is secure and you can immediately print again once you have your new replacement card.
  • Easy to use - It is easy and fast to add value to your card online and view the balance, 24 hours and 7 days a week.
  • Convenient - You can use it for printed output in the PC Lab, the library and also at the copy machines in the Library.

Before you start printing, please make sure the UniPrint software and printers are installed

  • Starting with notebooks provided to the incoming Class of 2006, these printer drivers and Uniprint software are already installed.
  • If you have a notebook configured for the Class of 2005, you must download and install the black and white and color printer drivers and UniPrint software from \\storage01\public. (See link to instructions below and follow them carefully.) Class of 2005 students may also use a special Stevens DVD, which was supplied by Information Technology to upgrade your Stevens Class 2005 notebook to Windows XP with the UniPrint software already installed. If you have a computer from a different class year, or if you want to use UniPrint on some other computer, go to \\storage01\public to download the required files. Install the Uniprint software and printers by carefully following the appropriate instructions found at the links shown below.

From what locations can I print and how do I print?

  • You can submit print jobs to UniPrint on campus from any Windows computer with a registered network card as well as the UniPrint software and printer drivers installed. You may also submit printouts to UniPrint from the computers in the Information Technology Computer Center's PC Lab. If you dial into Stevens and your computer has UniPrint software and printer drivers installed, you may submit to UniPrint over dialup.
  • To submit your printout to the UniPrint system, open your document.
  • Choose File, then Print.
  1. If you want to print on the black and white printer, the printer name to choose will be cc pc lab b&w. If you want a color printout, the printer name will be cc pc lab color.
  2. Once you finish choosing the printer and click OK, a window will pop up and ask for your username and password.
  3. Please enter your Pipeline username.
  • However, the password DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE SAME AS YOUR PIPELINE PASSWORD. Please pick a password that you will remember.
  • We suggest that you NOT use your Pipeline password for security reasons.

How and where do I pick up my printouts?

You need a valid Stevens Identification Card (Campus Card) with money deposited into your Stevens Debit Account. (See below on how to add money to your Campus Card.) Bring your Stevens Identification Card to the Computer Center's PC lab (located in the lower level of the Library). Go to the Pharos Release Station computers and swipe your Identification Card on the slot on the keyboard. A screen will show a list of all print jobs that are waiting to be processed, listed by the owner's name. (The owner names should be Pipeline usernames).

  • Find your job, select it, and hit Print. Enter the password you used to submit your print job.
  • Your printout will print on a printer next to the Pharos Release Station computers. Pick up your print out. The screen will also show your account balance. After your job is done, please remember to logoff from the system so it is ready for the next person.

How much does it cost?

It costs $0.04 per black and white page and $0.50 for a color page.

How am I going to deposit money into my account?


The Online Card Office can be visited at This site uses your Pipeline Credentials.

Deposit your money

  • You can choose the option for checking your account balance, transaction history, deposit funds, or change my account information. Once you submit it, a window will show the credit card holder information and add the amount of money you want for transaction. Please remember that the online system only accepts Visa and MasterCard.
  • If you do not have a credit card, an alternative way to add value to your card is through the Value Transfer Station (VTS). The VTS is located in the Library on the first floor next to the Library's two copiers. The VTS machine accepts cash only. Funds may also be deposited into your Stevens Debit Account by a third party without you providing them with your password. All they need to know is your Stevens Campus Identification number and full name. This is useful if you would like to have your parents deposit funds. Anyone with access to the Internet can go to and follow the Stevens Debit Non-Cardholder Instructions and links.

How to check my account balance

You can check your balance through the VTS or online at after you login with valid Pipeline Credentials.

How do I report my card lost

Visit or contact the Residence Life Office at 201-216-5154.

Terms and Conditions

The participant understands and agrees that:

  1. The Stevens Debit Account is not transferable.
  2. No interest or other earnings will be paid to the holder or credited by Stevens Institute of Technology.
  3. Full refunds are only permitted upon graduation, academic withdrawal, or employment termination from the University. Partial cash withdrawals are not permitted.
  4. Stevens Institute of Technology reserves the right to close accounts that remain inactive for a period of twelve (12 months) or when students withdraw, terminate enrollment, or graduate.
  5. Stevens Institute of Technology is not responsible for any loss of funds in your Stevens Debit Account due to lost or stolen cards. We strongly recommend that the cardholder maintain a small balance and add value when needed.
  6. Value additions are usually instantaneous but sometimes may be delayed by network traffic.
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