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Information Technology's network staff recently has been involved in troubleshooting several printers. Based on our troubleshooting we are asking the Help Desk to do a few steps prior to getting networking involved in a printer issue


The printer always prints jobs from PCs connected the local network. The printer has stopped printing print jobs for PCs outside the local network. Power cycling the printer will allow it to print for 10 minutes but then it stops again.


In three instances the users were able to print to the printer from the local subnet, but machines outside the subnet were not able to print to the printer. Also in common the printers did not have a LCD display to show the status of the printer and print jobs.


After verifying that the printer

  • Has paper
  • Is powered on
  • Does not have a paper jam

Please install the Printers toolkit on the users machine, if possible, and check the status of the printer and print jobs

  • Warning: The system must be configured with IE as the default browser for the version of the utility that I tested to work.
  • Within the tool kit is a printer status application that will give the status of the printer and any alerts. Alerts are only generated only when they happen, this is why it is important for the user to have this running all the time.

We have found

  • In all cases that the printer is functioning correctly as far the network and the printer is concerned.
  • That a print job caused an error that went unnoticed
  • That power cycling the printer clear the print job for a few minutes until the print queue retried the job, hence the "worked for about 10 minutes".
  • Clearing the print job with the error cleared the problem.

Steps to take

  • Use the toolbox utility to clear the print job, normal printing should resume immediately.
  • Ensure that the print jobs to the printer are set to the correct paper size.
  • You can also go to the printer web page, if it has one, and clear the print job from there.
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