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What is Pipeline?

Pipeline is a web portal used by Stevens to help the campus manage eMail, calendars, courses, contact lists, duck bill accounts, etc. It contains a long list of links to other services provided by Stevens as well. Similarly, almost all Stevens web account services use the Pipeline user name and password combination for authentication.

What is eLearn?

eLearn is a Blackboard service used by Stevens to help the campus manage courses. Instructors can design eLearn modules for their classes and use eLearn to provide exams, assignments, mail, discussions, chats, calendars, course notes and material, web links, and more. More information about the eLearn system can be found at Elearn. The most important part of becoming familiar with eLearn is knowing that the user name and password are synchronized with Pipeline.

If you change your Pipeline password, your eLearn password will be changed as well. To that same password.

What is my user name?

Pipeline user names are typically made up of the first letter of your first name and the last seven letters of your last name. For example if your name is Tom Smithsonian the user name would be tsmithso. However it is possible that that name is used by another member of the campus in which case the last letter will be replaced by a number.

Look up your Pipeline Username

The user name request system will be closed from 5 am to 7 am

Step 1 - Open the Request Page

To open the request page you must go to pipeline ( On that page you will see a link on the left hand side which opens the page.


Step 2 - Open User Name Request Form

Within the newly-opened popup there is a link titled Username. Clicking that will open a form to create the request.


Step 3 - Request User name

On this form the first input asks for Student ID. This can be either your Campus Wide ID Number or your Social Security Number if you provided it to Stevens. The PIN is initially set to your birthday in YYMMDD form.


What is my Password?

By default your password is set to your initial PIN. This is your birthday in YYMMDD form. If you have never logged into Pipeline then your password is the initial PIN. The first time you log in, Pipeline will ask you to change the password.

I've changed my Password and now I cannot remember it!

If you've changed your password for pipeline and have since forgotten it, you can send a request for a new password. Using ( you can send a report to our ticketing system. Providing either your Campus Wide ID will help us expedite the process.

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