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The fingerprint reader is included on the HP NW8440 and the HP 8510w. The fingerprint reader allows you to log on to Microsoft Windows using your fingerprint for authentication instead of using a Windows password. You must restart the computer before setting up the Fingerprint Reader if this is the first time you have turned on your machine.

NOTE: If you have the Class 2014 Elitebook 8540w, please see the Fingerprint Reader 8540w article.


Using The Fingerprint Reader

Two steps are required before you use your fingerprint to log on to windows:

  1. Register your fingerprints in Credential Manager.
  2. Set up Credential Manager to log on to windows.

Locate The Fingerprint Reader

The fingerprint reader is a small metallic sensor that is located in the lower right corner of the laptop. Swipe your finger perpendicular to the metallic sensor (pulling directly away from the screen) to operate.

Register Your Fingerprints In Credential Manger

1. Select Start > All Programs > HP ProtectTools Security Manager, and then click "Credential Manager" in the left navigation pane.

2. Click "Log On" in the upper-right corner of the My Identity page. The Credential Manger Logon Wizard opens.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted, use your windows password to log on.

4. Click "Register Fingerprints" on the My Identity page, and then follow the on-screen instructions to register your right-hand pointer and middle finger fingerprints. You can register more fingers by clicking on the finger of your choice and following the on-screen instructions.

When registering your fingerprints:

  • Swipe your finger slowly over the fingerprint reader several times, pausing briefly between each swipe.
  • Continue swiping the same finger over the fingerprint reader until the finger on the screen turns green and the progress indicator displays 100%.

5. After you have registered at least two fingerprints, click "Finish".

Set Up Credential Manager To Log On To Windows

1. In Credential Manager, select Settings or Advanced Settings in the left navigation pane.

2. On the General tab of the Settings or Advanced Settings page, select "Use Credential Manager to logon to windows".

3. If a confirmation window opens, click "OK" in the confirmation window.

4. Click "OK" on the Settings or Advanced Settings page.

5. Click "Yes" when prompted to restart your computer.

6. After you restart Windows, the Credential Manager Logon Wizard opens. You may now swipe your finger to log onto Windows. There is no need to select the entry method.

Additional Help

For additional information about ProtectTools Security Manager, refer to the ProtectTools Security Manager Reference Guide in the Help and Support Center. To access the Help and Support Center, Select Start > Help and Support.

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