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In order to configure your HP8530w laptop to use its built in fingerprint reader you must first create a set of credentials and fingerprint scans to match them.

These instructions only pertain to the laptops issued to the class of 2013. For all older models which include fingerprint readers, please refer to Fingerprint Reader - HP Protect Tools.



Step 1 - Open Configuration

On your taskbar right click the icon shown below -


Select Finger Print Enrollment from the list.

Step 2 - Enroll Fingerprints

Click Next

Select Enroll Finger Prints for this Account

Enter your computer password and click Next

The following screen will allow you to practice your finger swipes in order to determine the correct movement and speed necessary to produce a valid enrollment.

Select the finger you wish to enroll. You can enroll every finger on both hands except for the little finger.

Swipe four times for each finger you wish you enroll. The dialog will display a green box for successful swipes or a red box for unsuccessful swipes. Select Next when you are done.

Select Finish

Step 3 - Create Enrollments for Applications

Pressing Shift while scanning your finger will allow you to create an application-specific enrollment. The dialog that appears will inform you whether or not this feature is supported with the active application.


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