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Junk mail or “spam” mail has become a significant problem for everyone who uses email. Setting up "filters" is one way to avoid spam and other forms of unwanted mail. They can help you sift out unwanted e-mail messages so you can delete them, and thereby avoid disk space (quota) problems with your Stevens email account. Use of these instructions will not eliminate the problem, but it should help. You may have to experiment with the settings and choices before you see a significant improvement in the number of junk messages you receive.


Message Center

Stevens uses Google Message Security service to protect the campus community against dangerous e-mail viruses and spam.

In addition to using Postini, it is possible to set additional filters in Microsoft Outlook as shown below.

We strongly recommend you use the Message Center to handle all your filtering needs. It is not necessary to use filtering services other than the Message Center for your Stevens email account.

If you have another email accout (non-stevens) that you would like to be filtered, you may wish to set up filtering in Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007

NOTE: Setting up Outlook Junk E-mail filtering does not delete your junk e-mail (unless you check the "permanently delete suspected junk e-mail instead of moving it to the Junk E-mail folder" checkbox at the bottom of the "Junk E-mail Options" as shown in the picture that is at the end of step 2). We do not recommend checking the "permanently delete" checkbox as it may delete some e-mails that are not junk e-mail.

  • To learn about server-side junk e-mail filtering and/or spam control, which applies spam filter settings to your Stevens e-mail regardless of how you check your e-mail, please refer to the "Stevens Junk Email Filtering" section at bottom of this document.

Junk Email Filter

Junk Mail Filtering can be enabled within Outlook under the “Junk E-mail” option in the "Action" menu. Please be aware that filtering e-mail does not work perfectly, but it should help reduce the amount of unwanted messages you see in your Inbox.

Step 1

Click on Actions then Junk E-mail and finally click on Junk E-mail Options.

Step 2

Under the Options tab, select which level of filtering you would like.

Step 3

Click Apply

The setting shown will catch most spam, but you must check the junk e-mail folder regularly and make sure no messages you wanted were mistaken for spam. You must also remember to manually delete messages in the junk e-mail folder.

Blocking Senders

You can also block certain senders’ messages. Click on the “Blocked Senders” tab in the Junk E-mail Options window shown above. To edit this list, do as follows:

Step 1

Click on Add

Step 2

Type in the email address of the sender you would like to block, and click ok

Step 3

If you wish to edit an entry, highlight the address you would like to edit and click on edit button.

Step 4

If you wish to remove an address, select the address and click on the remove button.

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