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Please make sure to log into the News site before creating an Event.

For steps to edit an already created Event, please visit Edit an Event in the News site.

The login procedure is the same as the one described earlier under section titled Access.


Create an Event

Step 1 - Click Add content

To Create a new Event, select "Add content" from the top grey bar. The image below would help to better understand this step.

Note: If you are not able to see the "Add content" button on the page, it might be either due to access right/roles assigned which does not allow adding content or due to technical difficulties. Please contact the Site Administrator in such cases.

For sections /news and /sit – Julio Macavilca, /development – Alex Rucando, /cal and /ses/ – Nikhil Maheswaraiah, /sse and /howe – Jude Ken-Kwofie

Step 2 - Click Event

Click on the link "Event".

Step 3 - Enter Event information

The Create Event page is displayed. Some of the fields to be entered are described in the figure below. Fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory.

Body: The Body constitutes the main content that needs to be displayed in the page. Major content of the page is placed in this section. For more information, please see the Body heading under Create a Page section.

Step 4 - Select Admin Units

For the Admin Units select list, choose the units for which the Event belongs. You can select multiple admin units by: on Mac - Press and hold the Command key/on Windows the Ctrl key. For e.g., for a Graduate Event, the admin unit -Graduate under SIT could be chosen. The dashes before the section names represent the hierarchy with the parent section/admin unit. -- (double) denotes a child of the Admin Unit with a - (single) dash. This helps in better content management, access control and associating content to their respective units.

Step 5 - Choose Moderation State

Under the Publishing options tab at the bottom left of the page, choose the Moderation state for the Event.

Choose one of the following:

  • Current: Draft: When the Event is not completely edited and needs to be edited later.
  • Needs Review: When the Event is completed but requires moderation before posting it on the News page.
  • Published: When the Event is completed and ready to be published on the main News page.

The publishing option may vary depending on the user roles assigned by the Admin for the News section.

Also remember to check the Promoted to front page option to see the Event in the News site homepage.

For any related problems, issues or help, please contact the Site Administrator.

Step 6 - Click Save

Click “Save” to save the Event.

The image shows a sample of a published Event.

Edit an Event

To edit an already created Event, please visit Edit an Event in the News site.

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