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Laptops are currently being used throughout Stevens to connect to the campus network. Stevens currently has designated locations where students may be able to connect their laptops to access the campus networks. Port locations where students may make a wired connection are:

  • Information Technology in designated areas (PC Lab and common areas)
  • Laptop classrooms in Pierce 2nd floor, Burchard 124, Burchard 430, Lieb 1st floor and Babbio 119
  • Cyber Cafe in the Howe Center
  • Sam's Place in the S.C. Williams Library
  • Student Service Center
  • Jacobus Student Lounge
  • Hayden Lounge

Staff and faculty are allowed to roam throughout the campus and connect to available, unused ports in offices and conference rooms on to the campus network in any of the academic buildings, as well as in the above locations. Be aware that not all unused ports on campus are active. Network ports are active based on availability of ports on the network hub equipment. NOTE: Students, faculty, and staff are not permitted to unplug a desktop computer from a port and connect a laptop.

When "roaming" with your laptop, you will be constrained to accessing the network:

  • within the firewall
  • by not being able to act as a server
  • where there is an active network outlet of the type compatible with your computer

If your laptop is properly configured, these constraints should be totally transparent and will reduce your laptop's exposure to security threats from the Internet. Students, staff, and faculty need to use the steps below to release and renew their IP address leases when they try to connect around campus. Failure to do so will not give you the ability to gain network access at the different locations on campus. Information Technology policy is that all devices using the campus network must be registered.

More information will be added to this page in the future.
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