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Stevens has many computing and networking facilities for use by our students and employees. To help new users, this document is to provide information on facilities available, as well as answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. We hope that your computing and networking experiences at Stevens are productive and enjoyable.


What Facilities Are Available?

Here at Stevens, we have computer labs available for your computer usage. Our main PC lab is located in the basement of the S.C. Williams Library, and is available 5 days a week, with restricted hours each day. In order to access the lab, you will need to swipe your Stevens identification card. There are also computers located within the library for use. These are accessible by swiping your card at the front desk and sitting down to a computer. There is also a UNIX lab available for those who wish to use it, and is on the first floor of the Burchard Building. This lab is only accessible with your username and password which is assigned during your first visit to the lab. The username and password are not the same as your Stevens account.

How Can I Get An Account?

When accepted to Stevens as either an undergraduate, graduate, or faculty, you will be assigned a username and password that will allow you access to myStevens. myStevens is your link to Stevens, and allows you to check your email, verify account status, and find out what is going on around campus. Accounts are created automatically, but if you do not have one, please contact the helpdesk at ext. 5500.

How Long Will An Account Exist?

Undergraduate accounts will remain active until graduation, or withdrawal. However, an email will be issued after such events occur to verify status and explain the necessary steps to retain the email, and perhaps transfer into an alumni account.

Who Can Use An Account?

You, and only you, are permitted to use your individual user account. Please consider a computer account the same you would a credit card. All usage should be your own, and all usage and fees associated with your account will be your responsibility. No one else should be accessing your account.

How Can I Access Facilities From Off Campus Locations?

Access by network and dialup are supported. If you have access to the Internet, you can "connect" to Stevens. Dialup access was also provided on a very limited basis, but has been terminated as of October 2007.

How Can I Obtain Software?

Software can be generally categorized as public domain, shareware, or licensed. Public domain software can be shared freely at no cost to the recipients. A modest fee for obtaining and using a copy is usually associated with shareware software. Some rules for usage and copying may also exist for shareware. Licensed software can not be copied or used except as stipulated in the license agreement for the particular software. Fees and regulations are usually associated with licensed software products. Copying of licensed software is prohibited by both the terms of the agreements and by federal copyright law.

For more information, see Stevens Licensed Software.

For What Can I Use These Computing and Networking Resources?

Stevens facilities are to be used for instructional, research, and administrative purposes only. Many of our software license agreements limit use for these purposes only. Any commercial use would violate these agreements and create a liability for Stevens, as well as result in the loss of use of the software on campus for everyone.

What is My Email Address?

Your username associated with your account on myStevens is also your name for email purposes. When using the Internet, it is

How Can I Print/Plot?

On your Stevens issued notebook, several printers are pre-installed and are setup for use with the Pharos Print System. In order to print, select your document, and print as if you would normally, using one of the printers labeled, cc lab.... The one labeled BW is the black and white printer, and COLOR is, of course, the color printer. Once the program is done printing, a box should appear on screen, then enter your Stevens username, and a password. Please refrain from using your Stevens password, as you can use any set of characters or numbers for the print job. Then you will need to go to a print station, which is either located in the basement of the Williams library or on the main floor of the library. Copies are four cents per page for black and white, and fifty cents for color.

How Can I Get Help?

To report any network problems or log a problem with the Help Desk, call the Stevens Information Technology Helpdesk at x5500 or submit a ticket using the "Information Technology Helpdesk" link in myStevens. Individuals or departments with workstations and servers should contact the OIT/Computer Center for details of currently available support opportunities. Help is also available for individuals/departments planning acquisitions of new hardware and/or software, renovations of facilities, expansion of the network, proposal planning, and more. Please contact the OIT/Computer Center for any such assistance.

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