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* Logging onto [[Domain Machine]]s which are joined to the Campus Domain and generally locked down
* Logging onto [[Domain Machine]]s which are joined to the Campus Domain and generally locked down
* Connecting to the Stevens [[VPN]]
* Connecting to the Stevens [[VPN]]
* Accessing [[Storage01 Department File Services|Department Drives]] for faculty
==What using this account means==
==What using this account means==

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The Stevens Campus Domain Account is how the Information Technology department at Stevens refers to an individual's account in the Windows Domain at Stevens, called Campus. This Campus Domain is used by all of the academic users on campus.



What using this account means

When you log onto the Campus Domain, it means a number of things. Foremost, it means that you have submitted your credentials (Campus Domain Username and password) to be verified by the Active Directory server at Stevens. If the credentials match what is record in the AD server, you are considered authenticated versus the Campus Domain.

If you submitted your credentials to log in to a Domain Machine, you now proceed with login. Note: If you have logged onto a certain Domain Machine in the past, your credentials with be cached. If the machine is not able to contact the AD server, it will check its cache and let you log in if you were previously successful

If you submitted your credentials to log onto Storage01, it will now allow you access to files stored there, and/or finish mapping the network drive.

If submitted while trying to get on a Stevens Wireless Network, it will now allow you to DHCP for an IP address.

Who can have a Campus Domain account

Those who are given Domain Accounts automatically

The following groups of people are automatically granted a Domain Account because of their status. They have no need to apply (except certain employees) or ask for an account.

  • Undergraduate Students

Those who can also have an account

  • Faculty
  • Full time employees
  • Graduate Students that are enrolled in the CURRENT term.
  • Temps

How to get a Campus Domain Account

Graduate Student

  • Log into Web For Students Account. Click on the drop down menu Student Records and click the menu item labeled Graduate Student Network Disk Storage Request.


  • The instructions are on that page, but all that must be done is change the drop down box from "No Disk Space Required" to "Disk Space Requested" and click Submit.


  • The accounts are generated automatically every 15 minutes except between the hours of 5AM and 7AM. You will receive an email to your Stevens e-mail address confirming this, but you can also check Web For Students to see if the drop down box has changed to Completed


Try accessing this account or contact the Stevens Helpdesk to verify.

Faculty, Staff and Temporary Employees

Fill out an Account Request Form. Once fully completed and signed by both the user and the department head, send to Information Technology via interdepartmental mail or fax to (201)-216-5476.

Default Credentials

There are a number of accounts here at Stevens. Your Campus Domain Account does not take your myStevens password.


Your username is the same that you use for email (Stevens Username), namely, everything in your Stevens Email Address before the @ symbol.

Formatting Your Password

  • NOTICE: All student domain accounts created after 5 pm on February 17th 2009 will have a default password of StevensXXXXXX, where XXXXXX is the last 6 digits of your Campus Wide ID Number. If you do not know your CWID you can find it by logging in to myStevens, then clicking on Show my CWID.
  • If you are a student, and your account was created prior to February 17th 2009, your password is the following: StevensYYMMDD where YYMMDD is your birth date in the format: last two digits for the year, two digits for the month, two digits for the day (with leading zeros if it is a single digit month/day).
  • If you are part of the Stevens Faculty then your password is Stevens###### where ###### are 6 randomly generated numbers. Upon the creation of your Campus Domain Account you will receive a letter with your password information included.

Changing your Password

  • Your campus domain password can also be changed through myStevens. Once logged in you will see a link to the Password Service under My Info.
  • Faculty and Staff who log into their machines using their Campus Domain Username and Password can also change their password when logged in. Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del will bring up the Windows Security window. Select Change Password... to change your password.
  • If you forgot your password, or mistyped it in enough times to lock yourself out, please contact the Helpdesk at x5500. Please read the following information about Campus domain password requirements.

Campus Domain Password Requirements

  • 10 passwords are retained in the history and cannot be reused when creating new passwords.
  • The minimum password age is 1 day (i.e. you can't change passwords more than once a day).
  • Password complexity is enforced by the following rules:
    • Must be at least 10 characters long.
    • Must begin with a letter.
    • Cannot contain any elements of your name or username.
And any two of the following three:
  1. Must contain alpha and numeric characters (letters and numbers).
  2. Must contain mixed case characters (upper and lower case).
  3. Must contain special characters.
  • If a password change attempt is rejected, the error message may not accurately describe the reason. For example, a password may be rejected with an explanation that is too short, when in fact the password meets the 10 character minimum. The error message explanations are sometimes incorrect, but the password itself is in fact being rejected for legitimate reasons, i.e. it doesn't meet one of the five criterion listed above. If your password change attempt is rejected, review the above conditions and confirm that your password meets them. Finally, sometimes a password is rejected for unknown reasons. When that happens, you should simply try a very different password.

Account Lockouts

  • Account lockout occurs after 5 invalid attempts.
  • Account lockout duration is 15 minutes.
  • Account lockout counter is reset after 15 minutes.
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