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Bonjour detects other devices on the network and is used by popular programs such as ITunes, Ruckus, and Adobe Creative Suite 3.



Information Technology has discovered an incompatibility between Windows Vista and the Apple Bonjour application causing the operating system to behave incorrectly when connected to a network.

Those affected by this issue may notice their wired network connectivity will periodically be lost and then regained a few minutes later.

At this time there is no known software update from Apple that fixes this problem. The current fix for this issue involves disabling the Bonjour service from starting.

How to disable

There are two ways to go about disabling bonjour. You can either stop the service from starting or remove the software.

Stop the Bonjour Service

1. Click Start. In the search type:


This will bring up the Microsoft Configuration Utility.

2. Click the services tab at the top then look for the Bonjour Service as shown below and un-check the box next to it.

Click Apply, and then Ok.

3. A box will popup asking you to restart. Click Restart.

4. After you restart, this box will appear if you’ve never used the MSCONFIG utility before. Check the box that says “Don’t show this message again” and click OK.

5. Open the ms configuration window again (use step 1) to verify that the Bonjour service is unchecked as shown below.

Remove the Bonjour Software

1. Click Start then Control Panel

2. Click on the circled option below. If you use classic view in Windows Vista, click on “Programs and Features”.

3. In the list select the “Bonjour” program and click Uninstall.

4. Click Yes to verify that you want to uninstall this program.

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