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Windows 7 is a new OS now available from Microsoft. While it offers many improvements over previous Microsoft OSes, there are several things to consider before installing and/or upgrading to this OS. If you would like more information about Windows 7 please see our Windows 7 FAQ.


Getting Started

The Stevens Institute of Technology Computer Service Center is offering image upgrades to Windows 7 for select notebook models. The available images are listed below. As the images become available students who have the notebook will be notified via e-mail on how to schedule their upgrade. Students who wish to take advantage of the upgrade, after requesting an appointment, are responsible for backing up ALL their personal data, files, and re-installing programs they acquired after receiving the notebook computer.

Depending on which notebook you have the steps for backing up your personal data may be different.

Class 2013 Elitebook 8530w

The Elitebook 8530w originally came with Windows Vista Enterprise 64bit. As such all documents can be backed up by going to c:\users\username where username is the name you wish to back up data for. Once there copy the folders you need to an external device such as a flash drive or external hard drive. For example, copy Favorites to save your IE bookmarks, My Documents to save your documents, My Pictures to save your pictures, and etc.


Backing up your email

To back up your email using Outlook 2003/2007 please follow these instuctions. Backing up your Outlook 2003/2007 email Please note that most students use IMAP, so if you are using Outlook as supplied to you when you received the notebook, follow the IMAP instructions.

Backing up your Itunes Music

Please follow the following intructions to deauthorize and backup your Itunes music library.

For Deauthorizing your music: | How to Deauthorize your music

For moving your music to another computer: | Moving your Itunes music

If you prefer to back it up to CD or DVD: | Backing up your Itunes Music to DVD or CD

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