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It is very important to create backups of important information. Using instructions provided by the Stevens Help Desk, backing up your personal documents, emails, and other electronic information is easy.


Backing up Personal Files

All faculty and undergraduate students are given storage space on storage01 for personal use such as backup.

Due to the limited amount of space offered it is recommended that you use an external hard drive or USB drive to store your backup data.

How do I backup my personal files if using my Stevens storage space?

You can access your personal storage space on the storage01 server by mapping a network drive or mounting the drive.

Your personal drive share is \\storage01\username

Instructions can be found on the storage01 page or on the guide for Mapping A Network Drive.

How do I backup my personal files if using my external hard drive or USB drive?

You can find your external hard drive or USB drive by double clicking the " My Computer" icon. Simply copy the files you wish to backup to the drive. For specific instructions with E-mail and Calendars, please see below.

Backing up Email

Through tools such as Outlook (2003, 2007, 2010) backing up your Stevens Email is simple.

Remember that your email quota is limited as well so backing up your email often is important.

How do I backup my email?

Email can be backed up by manually by copying emails to local folders. Simply create a folder outside the "" header then cut and paste emails to the folder. Additional instructions can be found in the link below.

Backup up Outlook/Google Calendars

Calendar backups are important as well.

How do I backup my calendars?

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