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The following rooms in the Babbio Center have been fitted with additional hardware in order to allow for multi-projector display:

  • BC 110
  • BC 210
  • BC 310


  • Two ceiling mounted LCD projectors
  • Two VGA and RGB inputs
  • 104 Wired network connections located in tables
  • Wireless Network Connection
  • Fully controllable lighting system

Projector Labeling

The projection system in the Babbio X10 classrooms has been relabeled to be less confusing. As such, each connection and projector has been labeled with A or B.

Wall connections can be seen here:
Bcx10 wall.jpg

Each projector cage is now also labeled:
Bcx10 proj.jpg

Dual Projector Display

In order to display a single image (from a single computer) to both projectors, please take the following steps:

  1. Turn both projectors on
  2. Plug in computer to cable for Projector A
  3. Set the Pixie control for Projector A to COMP
  4. Set the Pixie control for Projector B to COMP

NOTE: The Projector B COMP is programmed to Search for inputs, and as such must be set after Projector A is displaying an image.

For reference, please see the below image of the Pixie controller:
Bcx10 pixie.jpg

More information will be added to this page in the future.
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