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The Babbio Center – Room 104

Approximate Capacity: 46


  • Two Rear Projection screens with LCD projectors
  • Lectern w/ Touch Screen Control System
  • Audio & Video Conferencing Capabilities
    • IP based video conferencing
    • Ability to connect to more then one video conferencing site
    • Presenter & Audience cameras w/ pan/tilt/zoom features
  • Local Voice Reinforcement
  • Wireless hand-held or lapel microphones available upon request
  • VCR, DVD
  • VGA and RGB inputs
  • Wireless Network Connection

Basic Instructions:

Audio and Microphones:

  • Adjusting Volumes
  • The Audio/Video switcher in Babbio 104 can only broadcast one audio source at a time. This means devices plugged into the podium inputs, side inputs, or front wall inputs. When a new video source is plugged in, the system will switch audio to the audio inputs associated with those video inputs.
  • The Side Podium inputs DO NOT have audio inputs. These inputs are video only.

Main Podium Inputs:

Babbio 104 Podium Inputs.JPG

Side Podium Inputs:

Front Wall Inputs:

Babbio 122 Front Wall.JPG


  • The control for the lights on the switch in Babbio 104 is as follows:

Babbio 104 lights.JPG

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