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McAfee AntiVirus is outdated
McAfee AntiVirus was the antivirus solution provided with the machines provided by Stevens. McAfee has been replaced by the new anti-virus solution, AVG Anti-Virus. Below, you will find information on various tasks having to do with McAfee AntiVirus however, we recommend that all users upgrade to AVG Anti-Virus

This page will instruct you on how to configure McAfee to auto-update its library definitions.

Configuring McAfee Virus Scan 8.5

  • First, navigate to the McAfee folder in the start menu (Start -> Programs -> McAfee) and then choose VirusScan Console.
  • Alternatively, you can access the VirusScan Console by right-clicking the VirusScan shield icon in the system tray.

Mcafee auto up 1.jpg Mcafee auto up 1tray.jpg

  • Choose AutoUpdate and then click the Display Task Properties button, or right-click AutoUpdate and select properties.

Mcafee auto up 2.jpg

  • In the McAfee AutoUpdate Properties window, click Schedule....

Mcafee auto up 3.jpg

  • Now select the Schedule tab and then choose Daily in the Schedule Task: sub-menu.

Mcafee auto up 4.jpg

  • Select a time that your machine will be turned on and be sure the Local Time radio button is selected.
  • Also check the Enable Randomization box and set the time for 1 Hour.
  • Check the Run if missed box and delay the missed task by 5 minutes.
  • Set the Schedule Task Daily to run every 1 day(s).
  • Click Apply and then OK.
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