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Export Address Book to .CSV

Step 1

Go to, enter your username and password, and change the interface type from Basic to Advanced. You must use Internet Explorer on a PC. Mac Browsers do not support the Advanced Interface. If you need assistance, please contact the helpdesk.


Step 2

Click on the Address Book icon, which is the second icon in the toolbar.


Step 3

Click on the Export icon, which is the third rightmost icon in the toolbar.


Step 4

If Internet Explorer blocks the popup window, click on the yellow information bar, select either "Temporarily..." or "Always allow popups from this site," and then the page will refresh requiring you to repeat steps 2 and 3.


Step 5

If the download does not start automatically, use the provided link to manually download the file.


Step 6

Save the file to a safe place on your computer. You can now use this file for other compatible address books.

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