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Acquiring Aspen 7.1

The media required to install Aspen 7.1 can be found on storage01. Please download the required files to a local computer by mapping a network drive before starting installation.
  • Drive: \\storage01\ms
  • Folder: Aspen 7.1
NOTE: The ms share is only accessible to staff/faculty and undergraduate students.


About Aspen 7.1

More information about Aspen software can be found at the company's website:

Installing Aspen 7.1

1. Once you've logged into \\Storage01\ms, open the Aspen 7.1 folder

2. Open the Engineering folder

3. Double-click the dvdBrowser

4. If you receive a file security warning click Run

5. Once the AspenTech Installation Browser opens, click on the Products tab

6. Click OK on the pop-up window indicating that you will need a valid license

7. Click Next on the AspenTech Installation Browser-Welcome screen

8. Select License Server and click Next

9. In the License Server field enter the server IP and click Add Server, then click Next

10. After Aspen determines what licenses are available, click Next

11. Select Aspen Engineering and click Install

12. Once the AspenTech Installer window comes up, click Next

13. Select "Yes, I accept the terms in the license agreement" then click Next

14. Click on the Standard Install icon

15. Click Next

16. Select the features that you wish to install and click Next

17. Click Next

18. When asked to select compilers for Aspen, click Next

19. Check the box to Skip user name/password validation and click Next

20. Click Install

21. Wait while your computer installs Aspen. This will take some time and will depend on how many features you chose to install

22. When the installation completes click Finish

23. Click Yes if you would like to restart your computer

Installing Aspen 7.1 Documentation

1. Once logged into \\Storage01\ms, open the Aspen 7.1 folder

2. Open the Aspen Documentation folder

3. Double-click on dvdBrowser

4. Select AspenONE Documentation DVD and click Install

5. Click Next

6. Click Yes, I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next

7. Click Next

8. Select the documentation features that you wish to install and click Next

9. Click Install

10. Allow the documentation to install and click Finish

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