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Acquiring AVG Anti-Virus

The media required to install AVG Anti-Virus can be found on storage01. Please download the required files to a local computer by mapping a network drive before starting installation.
  • Drive: \\storage01\ms
  • Folder: AVG Anti-Virus
NOTE: The ms share is only accessible to staff/faculty and undergraduate students.


AVG Anti-Virus is the new Anti-virus program recommended and distributed for use on Stevens Information Technology, Computer Service Center, distributed notebook and desktop computers. It provides better security and more efficient scans.


Below you will find the steps required to install AVG 9.0.

NOTE: You MUST uninstall AVG Free, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, and McAfee AntiVirus Enterprise Module prior to installing AVG Business Edition.

  • Once you've gained access to \\storage01\ms, locate the folder AVG Anti-Virus
  • Copy the file avg_ipw_stf_all_90_790a2730.exe to your hard drive (eg. Desktop, My Documents) and launch it by double-clicking it
  • The application will load files and initialize the installation process. When prompted, press Next
  • Check the I have read the license agreement box and press Accept
  • In the case that any incompatible software is found, please select it and press Uninstall Software >>
    • This will launch the Add/Remove Programs window. Please select the incompatible software found by the AVG Installer. In the case of McAfee, please select the two programs below:
      • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise
      • McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise
    • Once the uninstall process has completed, please navigate back to the AVG installation window.
  • Ensure that Standard Installation is selected and press Next
  • Enter the License Key located in the file AVG License number information.txt which is in the same folder as the executable. Then press Next
  • Ensure that the Install AVG Security Toolbar box is unchecked, then press Next
  • If you are prompted with the below window, please click Yes, I trust the publisher and want to run this program
  • The installation is now complete, ensure that the I agree to provide anonymous information box is checked and press Finish
  • Once the installation completes, it will automatically run AVG Anti-Virus. The first time it is launched, you should receive the following prompt. Please select Optimize scanning now

Using AVG

Update AVG

  • Bring up the AVG Anti-Virus User Interface and select the Update Now tab
  • Once the updater finishes, press Close and the software is up to date and ready to use

Full System Scan

  • Bring up the AVG Anti-Virus User Interface and select the Computer Scanner tab
  • Press Scan whole computer and wait for the scan to finish (This might take a while)
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