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AOL Instant Messenger needed to be configured for proxy servers a few years ago to be able to sign on. Since the proxies will no longer be used, in order for AIM to function correctly the proxy settings must be removed. If you have version 6.0 or greater, disregard this page because those versions take the connection settings from Internet Explorer.

Setting up AOL Instant Messenger Version 5.9 and Earlier

1. Go to Start --> All Programs --> AOL Instant Messenger and open AIM.

2. You must now go to the Preferences window by either clicking Setup or hitting the F3 key.

3. Click on Sign On/Off on the left side of the window and then click Connection.

4. In the Connections Preferences window, make sure that the Connect using proxy check box is unchecked.

5. You may now exit the Connections Preferences window by clicking on OK and the Preferences window by clicking OK.

6. AIM is now set up to connect properly!

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