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This page details how to configure 802.1x at Stevens.
802.1x is a method for authenticating machines on a network, both wired and wirelessly. Please review the wikipedia article for more information.
802.1x is used at Stevens to allow easier access to secure wired and wireless networks. All that is required is a machine that supports 802.1x authentication and a Campus Domain Account.
As of Monday, August 24, 2009, 802.11b wireless connectivity is no longer be available. Click here for more info.


802.1x Wireless Locations

All wireless locations on campus require 802.1x authentication. Please see the guides below for connecting your wireless device.

802.1x Wired (Ethernet) Locations

The following on-campus locations are 802.1x capable:

  • All Residence Hall locations
  • All classroom locations
  • All public ports, e.g. SC Williams Library

How to Connect to 802.1x


  • Some Windows machines have not been automatically accepting the VeriSign Certificate used by the Stevens Network. To correct this issue, please follow the instructions below.
  1. Download the Verisign Certificate: Link
  2. Double-click the file, then press Install Certificate...
  3. Hit Next, Next, and Finish.
  4. Press OK when notified of successful installation.
  5. Connect to the respective wireless network again.
  6. Be sure to hit Connect when prompted (after entering your Campus Domain credentials).
  • Click Here for troubleshooting information for 802.1x configuration for Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
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