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Windows XP: How to connect to "Stevens Guest" wireless network

Step 1 - View Wireless Networks

Right click on your Wireless Network icon in the system tray and select “View Available Wireless Networks”

Step 2 - Select Stevens Guest

Double click “Stevens Guest” from the list of available networks

Step 3 - Accept Warning Message

You will be prompted with a warning telling you that you are connecting to the unsecured Stevens Guest network, click “Connect Anyway”

Step 4 - Connection Successful

You will see the Wireless Network Connection window status update to “Acquiring Network Address” and then “Connected”

Step 5 - Open browser and login

Open your web browser, and you will be directed to the local login page. If your browser presents you with a warning regarding the Security Certificate, accept it.

Guests of Faculty and Staff members who had temporary logins created for them should enter that info here.

Step 6 - Browser Homepage

When the credentials are authenticated you will be brought to your browser’s homepage.

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