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Installing the MFP Printers on Windows XP

On a Machine With an Updated Version of Pharos or no Pharos Version

1. Map the Network Drive

The folder to map is \\storage01\public\uniprint. For more assistance with this, see the page on Mapping A Network Drive.

2. Install the Drivers

Go Back to the uniprint folder. Double-click on the folder "CSC MFP." Double-click on the file "CSCMFPSQ."

Hit the install button. This will install the drivers for the new MFP Printers in the lab.

3. Printing

When printing, select "CC MFPSQ on ITSRV106" from the printers list.

For printing options and pricing, see the printing options and pricing page.


If you encounter problems during installation, try installing the printer again. If an error persists or if you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk at or call the Helpdesk at x5500.

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