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Wimba Pronto

About Wimba Pronto

Wimba Pronto is an academic-centric instant messaging platform designed to bring informal learning settings online. One of the main differences between Wimba Pronto and other instant messaging programs is that Wimba Pronto is synchronized with your institution's Course Management System (CMS). This means that students and teachers are automatically connected with other Wimba Pronto users enrolled in the same courses. Wimba Pronto also includes advanced features that allow everyone at your institution to collaborate and communicate quickly and easily. These features include: Audio Calling, Video Calling, Whiteboard, Application Sharing, Office Hours, and Help Desks.

Linking your existing Wimba Pronto/Blackboard IM account from eLearn (WebCT) into Moodle
      If you have previously created a Wimba Pronto / Blackboard IM account via eLearn (WebCT) 
and you want to connect your Wimba Pronto / Blackboard IM account to synchronize with your Moodle
course list and interact with other Moodle users please follow these easy steps:

1. Log into Moodle (www.stevens.edu/moodle)
2. Enter your course
3. Click the Pronto/Blackboard IM link
4. You will see an account registration form, DO NOT fill out this form
5. Click the orange link: "Already have a Blackboard IM account? Link it!"
6. Enter your current Wimba Pronto/Blackboard IM account credentials
7. Your Blackboard IM account is now linked to your Stevens Moodle account

Using Wimba Pronto

User Guide

A complete User Guide for Wimba Pronto can be accessed in the following formats. (PDF | WebHelp)


Name Description Link
Application Sharing Overview of the AppShare collaborative tool Link
Audio Calling Overview of the Voice Communication tool Link
Chat How to set up a new text chat Link
Chat Window Interactive overview of the chat window Link
Contacts How to add a new contact to your contacts tab Link
Pronto Overview Everything you need to know about the User Interface Link
Staff Role** How to assume the Staff Role for a Help Desk Link
Statuses How to change your status Link
Video Calling Overview of the Webcam Video Calling tool Link
Whiteboard Overview of the Whiteboard collaborative tool Link

** For instructors only.


Application Sharing

Name Description Link
AppShare Control Window Overview of the AppShare Window Link
AppShare Viewer Window Overview of the participants Viewer Window Link
Start AppShare How to start an AppShare session Link
Cursor/Keyboard Control How to change Cursor and Keyboard Control in AppShare Link
Host Controls How to change AppShare Host Control Link

Audio Calling

Name Description Link
Audio Calling Window Overview of the Audio Calling Window Link
Start Audio Call How to start an Audio Call Link

Video Calling

Name Description Link
Video Calling Window Overview of the Video Calling Window Link
Start Video Call How to start a Video Call Link
Video Snapshot How to take a still snapshot of a Video Call Link


Name Description Link
Whiteboard Window Overview of the Whiteboard Window Link
Start Whiteboard Session How to start a Whiteboard Session Link
Adding Objects How to add objects to the Whiteboard Link
Modifying Objects How to modify objects to the Whiteboard Link
Importing Content How to import content to the Whiteboard Link
Saving Work How to save a Whiteboard Session Link
Action Tracking How to track user actions in Whiteboard Link
Action Bar Overview of the Action Bar in Whiteboard Link
Tools Overview of Whiteboard Tools Link
Color and Stylize How to use the Color and Stylize Tool in Whiteboard Link
Tool Options How to modify Tool Options Link
Permissions How to modify permissions of a Whiteboard Session Link
Gallery Ribbon Overview of the Gallery Ribbon in Whiteboard Link
Canvas Navigation Overview of Canvas Navigation in Whiteboard Link
Snapshot How to take a snapshot of a Whiteboard Session Link
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