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Configuration Instructions for Tunneling All Traffic in Windows XP

Step 1: Open the New Connection Window

  • Right click on the Local Area Connection icon on your taskbar and select Open Network Connections or you can go to Start then click on Control Panel and then go to Network Connections
  • Under Network Connections double click on New Connection Wizard and click Next
  • Or in classic view, under Network Tasks click Create a new connection and click Next

Step 2: Choose to create a VPN connection

  • Select the radio button Connect to the network at my workplace and click Next
  • Select the radio button Virtual Private Network connection and click Next

Step 3: Enter the VPN Server

  • Type in Stevens VPN Tunnel all traffic and click Next
  • Select the radio button Do not dial the initial connection and click Next
  • Type the name of VPN Server, which is: vpn.stevens.edu and click Next
  • Select the radio button Do not use my smart card and click Next
  • Select the radio button My use only and click Next
  • Select Finish But you are not finished yet, you must keep reading, further setup is required to have a working VPN profile

Step 4: Configure Security Options

  • Select Properties
  • Under the Security tab, make sure that the radio button next to Typical (Recommended Settings) is selected
  • Make sure that the option under Validate my identity as follows: is Require secured password
  • Make sure the box next to Require data encryption (disconnect if none) is checked
  • Click on IpSec Settings
  • Check Use pre-shared key for authentication' and add SITvpn for the key. Click Ok
  • For the "Type of VPN:" Select "L2TP IPSec VPN"
  • You can now type your Stevens user name and password and click Connect


If you are unable to connect, please check our VPN Troubleshooting tips.

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