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Who can use this?

All students, staff and faculty with a Stevens computer account.


  • This documentation is based on Network-Manager 0.7.0 running on Ubuntu 8.10

Configuration Instructions for Tunneling All Traffic in Linux

Step 1: Install vpnc support for Network Manager

  • Open the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc

  • once the install has been completed, type:

sudo NetworkManager restart

Step 2: Open the Network Manager

  • left-click on the Network Manager icon (on the top right corner of the screen) and scroll down to where it says VPN Connections. Select Configure VPN

Step 3: Add a VPN Conencton

  • On the VPN tab, select 'Add

Step 4: Choose the VPN Connection Type

  • Select Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc) and click Create

Step 5: Enter the System Information

  • Enter the following information:
    • Connection Name: Stevens VPN Tunnel All Traffic
    • Gateway: vpn.stevens.edu
    • Group Name: CiscoClient
    • User Password: Your Stevens password
    • Group Password: SITvpn
    • User Name: Your Stevens username
    • Domain: CAMPUS
    • change the box next to NAT Traversal to Disabled
  • click OK

Step 6: Start the Connection

  • Left-click on the Network Manager again and go down to VPN Connections. This time, select Stevens VPN Tunnel All Traffic
  • You may be prompted to allow access to your keyring, click Allow if prompted.
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