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McAfee AntiVirus is outdated
McAfee AntiVirus was the antivirus solution provided with the machines provided by Stevens. McAfee has been replaced by the new anti-virus solution, AVG Anti-Virus. Below, you will find information on various tasks having to do with McAfee AntiVirus however, we recommend that all users upgrade to AVG Anti-Virus

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus comes pre-installed on all Stevens Laptops.

  • To schedule a full system scan, right click on the McAfee Antivirus tray icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

MCF AV Sched 01.png

  • Go to VirusScan Console...

MCF AV Sched 02.png

  • Double click Full Scan. If full scan is not in the window, You can create a New On-Demand Scan Task by going to Task and selecting New On-Demand Scan Task.

MCF AV Sched 03.png

MCF AV Sched 04.png

  • To setup the scheduled task click the Schedule... button on the right.

MCF AV Sched 05.png

  • Check Enable and move to the Schedule tab.

MCF AV Sched 07.png

  • Select Weekly from the Run task dropdown menu. Set a start time that occurs when the computer is on but you will most likely be away from the machine. I have selected 12:03 PM as a likely lunchtime. If you leave the machine on at night you can schedule it after 5:00 PM. Select Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

MCF AV Sched 08.png

  • Press OK. Select the Detection tab and make sure to check the Scan inside archive and Decode MIME encoded files.

MCF AV Sched 09.png

  • Press OK. Your system will now be scanned weekly for infections.

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