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MAC (or physical) Addresses must be registered for use on the Stevens Network. The only exception is the 802.1x networks which use a special authentication method.

For Students

  • Undergraduate students may register up to 2 MAC/Physical addresses. Only wired MAC addresses need to be registered. Machines accessing the Stevens network are required to DHCP. Only students physically residing on campus need to register their wired addresses. Those students who are living in Stevens provided off campus housing do not need to register additional wired addresses.

Graduate students may register their notebook computer for use on campus, following the instructions listed below. Please make sure it is correctly registered as a notebook computer.

  • A student who wishes to register a MAC address must log into Web For Students and under the Student Records menu, select Student MAC addresses.

Student Records Menu

Student MAC Addresses Page

NOTE: Undergraduate students will not be able to modify the entries for their Stevens-issued laptop.

For Faculty and Staff

All other MAC addresses must be registered by submitting a Help Desk ticket. You can either create one yourself at or send the information to Required information for all MAC registrations:

  • Name of primary user of the machine
  • Owner of the machine - Department or Faculty/Staff.
  • Username of primary user of the machine (if email address is different, please list)
  • Location (building and room) where the machine will be primarily used (example: Kidde 228)
  • Make and Model of machine (if you built it yourself, just list custom) (example: Compaq 8510w)
  • Phone number (preferably a Stevens extension) to contact primary user of this machine
  • Operating System (example: Windows XP, Mac OSX)

Where's my MAC Address?

If you are really confused about what a MAC address is, and would like some information about it, please read the Wikipedia article on MAC Addresses.

If you just want to register your MAC and get onto the network, but don't know how to find it, read our tutorials.

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