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Reconfiguring a Network Printer on OS X

Step 1 - Open Map Dialogue

  • Select Finder
  • Click the Apple symbol in the top left and select System Preferences

Step 2 - Select Print & Fax

Step 3: Remove Current Printer Instance Configured for IP

  • Click on the printer to be re-configured in the left hand column titled printers and then click select the "-" button near the bottom left of that window.
  • A prompt will appear asking if you are sure you wish to delete the printer. Click the Delete button to proceed.

Step 4: Re-Add the Printer Using the Hostname

  • Click on the "+" button near the bottom left of the window. This will open the Add Printer window.
  • Select the IP Tab near the top of the Add Printer window.
  • Type the hostname of the printer in the field labeled Address
  • Click the Add button in the bottom right section of the window to finalize adding the printer.
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