Pierce Cafeteria

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Pierce Cafeteria
Website Dining Locations
Department Stevens Dining Services
Location Second Floor Howe
Network Connectivity
Crystal Clear action apply.pngWired Network Ports
Crystal Clear action apply.pngWireless Access Points
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General Information

The Pierce Cafeteria offers buffet style meals to students with a Stevens meal plan. Meals may also be purchased. The cafeteria, which can be accessed via the southern stairwell, was recently renovated to provide a better dining experience.


There are network ports available on the exterior wall columns for laptop connectivity, as well as wireless access points throughout the area for wireless connection stability. There are five LCD TV's for public viewing, and a projector used to show prime-time TV and assorted movies, as dictated by Sodexo Corp.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Sunday: 7AM - 12AM

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