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Note: This article is intended for faculty and staff who have been migrated over to the Microsoft Exchange Server. All other Stevens Users should reference the documentation on IMAP and POP3.

Microsoft Outlook 2011 is a part of Microsoft Office 2011 for OSX. By default, it is part of the Microsoft Office package and is installed alongside the other Microsoft Office 2011 applications. These are the steps necessary to set up Microsoft Outlook 2011 for use with a Stevens Email account via the Microsoft Exchange Server.


Account Set-up Instructions

Step 1: Open Microsoft Office 2011 Suite

With your desktop focused, navigate to the top of your screen and click on the Go dropdown menu and select the Applications option.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Outlook 2011

Double-click on the Office 2011 folder and then double-click on the Outlook icon. This will open Microsoft Outlook 2011.

Step 3: Open the Accounts Window

At the top of the screen click on the Tools dropdown menu and select the Accounts option by clicking on it. This will open the Accounts window.

Step 4: Add an Exchange Account

In the center of the Accounts window, click on the icon with the label Exchange Account. This will direct you to a form where you will enter your exchange account information.

Step 5: Enter your Stevens account information

Enter the appropriate information for the following fields listed under the Enter your Exchange account information header.

  • E-mail address: Enter your Stevens E-mail address in the form of yourStevensusername@stevens.edu
  • Method: Select User Name and Password from the dropdown menu.
  • User name: Enter campus\yourStevensusername.
  • Password: Enter your current Stevens password.
  • Make sure the box to the left of Configure automatically is checked.

Step 6: Finalize the account addition and restart Outlook 2011

Click on the Add Account button to proceed. If all of the information entered in Step 5 is correct, then the Exchange account will automatically be added to Outlook 2011. Once finished you should restart Outlook 2011.

Migrating Local Contacts

Step 1: Open Local Outlook Data File

Note, you may skip Step 1 if you already have you contacts viewable in Outlook.

  • In the upper left section of Outlook click on the File dropdown.
  • Next click on the Import... option from the File dropdown. This will open the Import window.
  • In the Import window, click on the bubble next to Outlook Data File (.pst or.olm) option and click the right arrow towards the bottom right of the Import window to navigate to the next screen.
  • Click the bubble next to Outlook for Mac Data File (.olm) and click the right arrow towards the bottom right of the Import window.
  • Select your .olm file and click on the Done button at the end of the Import wizard prompt.

Step 2: Copy Contacts from Local Outlook Data File

  • Towards the bottom left side of Outlook, click on the Contacts tab.
  • Click on a contact in the contact list and press ctrl+A to select all of the contacts.

Step 3: Move the Local Contacts to the Microsoft Exchange Account

  • Right click on your selected contacts by holding ctrl and clicking and select the Move sidechain and then the Copy to Folder... option from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Contacts folder under the Microsoft Exchange Account and click OK.

Your Local contacts will not be migrated into the Microsoft Exchange Account.

Remove Previous non-Exchange Email Account

Step 1: Open the Account window

  • With Microsoft Outlook 2011 running and focused, click on the Outlook dropdown menu in the upper left section of the screen and select the Preferences option. This will open the Outlook Preferences window.
  • Click on the Accounts icon towards the top left of the Outlook Preferences window. This will open the Accounts window.

Step 2: Remove the previous email account

  • Highlight the previous email account by clicking on it in the left column of the Accounts window and then click the minus (-) button in the lower left section of the Accounts window.
  • Click the Delete button when the prompt pops up asking for confirmation for deletion of the account.

Your previous email account has now been removed from Outlook 2011.

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