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Note: This article is intended for faculty and staff who have been migrated over to the Microsoft Exchange Server. All other Stevens Users should reference the documentation on IMAP and POP3.

This article will provide step by step instructions for Migrating your Google Calendar to the Microsoft Exchange Server using Outlook 2013.



Step 1: Navigate to Google Calendar Settings

  • Navigate to your google calendar using a web browser.
  • Click on the Settings icon in the upper right section of the calendar and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

This will open the General Settings Window.

Step 2: Navigate to Calendar Shared Edit Settings

  • In the upper left section of the window, click on the Calendars tab.
  • Then click on the calendar you wish to export towards the middle left of the window.

Step 3: Copy Private iCal URL

  • Click on the green ICAL link to the right of the Private Address: heading. This will open a pop-up with the private link address.
  • When the address pops up, highlight the address, right click on it and copy it.

Step 4: Import the Calendar into Outlook

  • In Outlook, click on the File Menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  • Select the Open & Export option from the File menu.
  • Then Click on the Import/Export icon to the right of the File menu. This will open the Import and Export wizard.
  • Select the Import an iCalendar (.isc) or vCalendar file (.vsc) option and click the Next button towards the bottom of the wizard. This will open a windows explorer browser window.
  • Right click in the box labeled File name: at the bottom of the browser window and select the paste option. Then click the open button.

Your Google Calendar will now be imported into Outlook.

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