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Note: This article is intended for faculty and staff who have been migrated over to the Microsoft Exchange Server. All other Stevens Users should reference the documentation on IMAP and POP3


Microsoft Exchange Overview

Microsoft Exchange Server is calendaring software, a mail server and contact manager developed by Microsoft. It is a server program that runs on Windows Server and is part of the Microsoft Servers line of products.

Microsoft Exchange is a server developed by Microsoft with the purpose of acting as a mail server while simultaneously handing tasks such as managing contacts and calendars for medium to large businesses. Microsoft Exchange is currently one of the most popular mail servers in the world. Clients using Microsoft Exchange will experience a high level of functionality, and an increased level of productivity and security when compared to other collaborative server installations. Users will be able to connect to the Microsoft Exchange server by way of their currently preferred mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail which will greatly reduce the learning curve users may experience when transitioning to exchange due to the retention of familiar clients.

Listed below are a set of articles intended to provide step by step intuitive instructions for connecting to Microsoft Exchange from a variety of popular clients as well as other common tasks such as importing calendars and contacts to the Exchange Server.

Universal Exchange Configuration Information

The following is a brief list of useful technical information pertaining to Steven's Exchange server which may assist in troubleshooting.

  • Exchange Server Address:
  • Exchange Email Address:
  • Exchange Username: yourStevensUsername
  • Exchange Password: yourStevensPassword

Microsoft Outlook configuration with Microsoft Exchange

Apple Mac Mail configuration with Microsoft Exchange

Mozilla Thunderbird configuration with Microsoft Exchange

Apple iPhone/iPad and other iOS device configuration with Microsoft Exchange

Android device configuration with Microsoft Exchange

Google Calendar Migration to Microsoft Exchange Calendar

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