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This article is intended to guide users through the installation and usage of the Malwarebytes software.

Further information about Malwarebytes can be found at their website


Installing Malwarebytes


1. You can download Malwarebytes by using this link.

2. Once there, please click the Download Now button.

3. When a prompt appears, press Run.

4. When prompted again, press Run a second time.

  • This will start the installation process.


1. With English selected, please press OK.

2. Press Next.

3. Select the I accept the agreement and press Next.

4. Press Next.

5. Press Next.

6. Press Next.

7. Select Create a desktop shortcut and press Next.

8. Press Install.

9. At this point, the software will attempt to install.

10. Please select both Update and Launch and press Finish.



It is crucial to update prior to scanning to ensure that the most recent version and definitions are installed.

NOTE: The update requires the user to be connected to the internet. 1. To update Malwarebytes, click on hte Update tab, then press Check for updates

2. This will attempt to reach the update server and automatically update Malwarebytes.

  • Once it completes, press OK and you are now ready to scan.


1. Select Perform full scan and press Scan

2. Wait for the scan to complete, this may take a long time depending on the amount of files to be checked. (Up to ~2 hours)

3. Once the scan completes, press OK

4. Press Show Results
  • Make sure that all infected objects are checked, then press Remove Selected

5. Malwarebytes will bring up a log file, close it.

  • You will be asked to restart the computer in order to complete the removal. Save your work and press Yes

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