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In order to DHCP under Linux, you have to ensure you are using a DHCP client. Some examples:

Most of these utilities used the following syntax:

commandname interface

Where commandname is the client's name, and the inferface is the name of your ethernet interface.

Trouble Shooting

Some systems just will not support 802.1x. There is an existing work around that allows these devices, such as routers or Xboxes, to correctly DHCP.

  • Make sure the machine is registered. This will not work unless it is.
  • Set your machine to DHCP. Also will not work without.
  • Plug your non-802.1x device into a port (802.1x or not)
  • Wait 45 seconds to a minute. This allows the automatic detection of 802.1x authentication to fail, falling back on the older method of MAC registration
  • Have your system re-DHCP. This differs from machine to machine, but the following works for windows:
# dhcpcd -k eth0
# dhcpcd -do eth0
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