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  • 8 Ubuntu 9.04 Linux workstations
  • Secure kerberized LDAP account authentication
  • Institutionally licensed software including: Labview, Matlab r2009a, Mathematica 7, Mccabe IQ
  • Monochrome network printer


Creating an Account

Please contact for further information or visit the Helpdesk website to request an account, Request Type: SRCIT, Accounts

  • Username = Stevens username
  • Password
    • When setting it must contain at least 3 types of characters
      • Numbers
      • Letters
      • Symbols
        • More information can be found at the official Wikipedia article on password strength.

For more information on generating passwords or Linux Lab accounts see Linux Lab Detailed Information

How To Access

Using SSH in a Terminal

  1. Type ssh username@linux-lab.<dept> (where username is your username and <dept> is the department you are in ie:
  2. Enter username
  3. Enter password

Using Putty

  1. In the Host Name text box enter linuxlab.<dept> (where <dept> is the department you are in ie: cs, phy, math, or chem)
  2. Check to make sure on Port 22
  3. Say yes to Putty Security alert if it pops up

For frequently asked questions visit the FAQ

For Information about using MySQL on Linux Lab visit MySQL Database Access

The Linux Lab is maintained by the Computer Science Department, and is located on the first floor of the Burchard Building, room 127. This replaces the former Unix Lab, which was running on NetBSD. For more information about the Linux Lab, please visit

More information will be added to this page in the future.
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