Import Microsoft Office Calendar to Google Calendar

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You can import an exported version of your Outlook Calendar into Google Calendar.

Export Outlook Calendar

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click File tab
  3. Click Open
  4. Click Import
  5. Select Export to a file
  6. Click Comma Separated Values (DOS)
  7. You may be required to install the possible translator here. Just follow the directions on the screen.
  8. Select folder to export from: Calendar
  9. Browse, name, and save the file some place easy to find it. (Desktop)
  10. Click Next
  11. On the "following actions will be performed" screen, click the Finish button.
  12. Allow the export to perform

Import into Google Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Click the small ‘Add’ link in the bottom right corner of the “Other calendars” box that’s on the left side of your calendar page.
  3. Click the Import Calendar link under Calendar settings
  4. Click the Browse button and select your exported file
  5. Choose your calendar
  6. Click Import.
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